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Kobi Sibony

As a young child, Koby Sibony began to play with thin copper wire, bending and shaping it with his hands. In 2003 he discovered a 1 mm thick metal wire which he continues to use to this day. In some of his work you can find electronic parts and other collected, discarded objects. His tools consist simply of pliers, a cutter and his hands (no welding or soldering tools are used). 

Sibony identifies himself a “Designer/Maker,” and considers his creations to be located on the border between art and design. While some of his creations have a specific function--such as a transistor radio or a light fixture--some are purely artistic while others are representational. For much of his work, nature is a main source of inspiration. 

He is a graduate of the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem (2011) with a degree in Industrial Design. 

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